This Is Not A Blog – It’s A Publicity Stunt


Alright, maybe not quite a publicity stunt.  A desperate attempt?  Isn’t this the place where I’m supposed write all this crazy shit and get followers and boost my popularity (like in high school, but you don’t gotta get drunk and sleep with everyone) so the world will pay attention to me?  More importantly my memoir-in-progress?  I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, except, it.  I’m doing it.  Here goes nothing…..

These pages will be filled with the process notes of working on “What’s Broken, What’s Breaking Down,” a memoir several years in the making.  Think of everything that could make someone snap, crackle, pop – bad habits and institutions and mistakes with splinters of success and a cast of crazy characters that have made up this girl’s life.

However, writing for the past ten years has taught me one thing: anytime you go into a project with a fixed idea – shit changes.  You start off writing loosely veiled fiction (because your a puss – that’s what I did) and all of a sudden you’re claiming your crazy-ass life and experiences as the truth and flaunting it in front of strangers.  So, while I’m setting off on this mission, I am aware that in few weeks I may be telling you stories about the guy at the bus stop with frozen nose hair and a bottle of Listerine proposing to me at midnight.


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