Let Me Be Your Leader – or why you should follow me


Jim Jones was charismatic.  Jesus, he had long hair and radical ideas.  I don’t have long hair but can be charismatic. I even had a hippie dude once tell me I could have my own religion. Except, I was younger and prettier then.  And I think he wanted to bang me.  If you are wondering, it didn’t work.

Over the next few weeks, I will be serializing my CNF piece “SMILE.” It’s long and originally designed for print.  However, it’s worth it. But one thing I’ve noticed during my blog affair is that really long pieces aren’t as visually pleasing in this format.  Plus, scrolling down thirty pages or so sounds like a bitch and many of us with short attention spans would just give up.

However, it’s a riveting TRUE story about crazies and a Minneapolis psych ward and doctors with long flowing hair.  There are dowdy therapists and peppy nurses and a suicidal / manic narrator with an obsessive eye for detail.  And a love story.  Really.  A psych ward love story.  What could possibly go wrong with that?

Three page or so installments. I’ll feel like Dickens.  Except, I won’t get paid.  But maybe I’ll snag some followers along the way.  FOLLOW me so you won’t miss out.  And if I haven’t sold you yet, this will.  I wrote the entire piece while listening to Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds on repeat for two months.  Now that’s crazy.


5 Responses to “Let Me Be Your Leader – or why you should follow me”

  1. 1 Jake

    Following you. But please, no kool aid or mass suicides.

  2. This looks very cool. I’ll be reading. Thanks for letting us in.

  3. 4 MBC

    I’m following you. Now you swear I get a gorgeous house on beautiful acreage in the everglades if I read the story?

    • Ummm… I promise that you will be entertained by my train wreck of a past and the people I encounter along the way. Yeah, I’d like a beautiful house, too….

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