Postcard Follower Frenzy


I rarely get mail that isn’t a collection-bill-circular-rejection letter.  The only letter / Christmas card I got this year was from an upper Michigan maximum security facility.  But hey, it was pretty flashy and homemade.

Over the years, I have collected stacks of postcards.  Some were given.  Some found.  Others stolen (though that was during my days of thievery, which are now over.  No, really, they are.) A few were even purchased from truck stops next to commemorative spoons and shot glasses.  One thing they have in common – they are odd, random, or weird.

Now, I have had some people say they need to register with WordPress to “follow” me.  I understand that takes time, so let’s sweeten the deal.  If anyone, registered or becomes registered and follows me, you can have one of these pretty ‘lil postcards sent to your mail box!  Who knows – maybe you’ll get the ugly 70’s one with trout or some ugly Impressionist wanna-be with blurry potted plants.  Maybe you’ll get a freaky-looking face staring at you that keeps you up at night.  It’s a toss-up.  But life’s a gamble, right?

Follow me and send me your snail mail address. (  No, I won’t stalk you (unless you live pretty close.)  I’ll send you a rare, ugly treasure with a real, honest-to-god stamp and whatever wording I see fit.  It could say, hey, thanks for the meatloaf. Or, wish you hadn’t of slapped my mom.  And you’ll also get the benefit of being linked into my piece “SMILE” in the next coming week as it’s doled out in emotionally manageable bites.  Come on…Postcards? Psych stories? Ahhh… and you get to read my very own psychiatric report from 2000 in full, honest detail.  What a bargain!


4 Responses to “Postcard Follower Frenzy”

  1. 1 Jake

    Ok. Thrill me with a memoir of your past.

  2. I registered but do not know how to be a follower of yours. Clue me in. No blurry flowers in pots please!!!!!!

  3. Oh I tweeted you!!!!!!!!

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