Postcard Follower Frenzy, Too.


Double-Crested Cormorants

This is a postcard of a Double-crested Cormorant.  They have staggered hatching schedules, whatever that means. I’ve been dragging this postcard around for ten years from the 1900’s house in the ghetto, the 1920’s gingerbread bungalow (now foreclosed.  More on that later) to my dusty, sunny apartment in South Minneapolis.

So far, I’ve had only three followers send me addresses: Nevada, Louisiana, and some small-ass town in Minnesota. Maybe some of you are taking that stalking comment a bit too seriously.  Maybe you aren’t used to giving out your address.  Hell, you could give me your ex-boyfriend / girlfriend’s address.  Or someone you are courting.  Or that popular kid in elementary school that said you needed to bathe more (Yeah, thanks Brian!)  I’ll send them something snarly.  Maybe your mom-dad-sister-uncle-brother needs some uplifting odd mail.  But folks – they are sitting here going to waste!

And I’m trying to catch you all (like Pokemon, or flies in a jar) so you won’t miss the first installment of SMILE.  If you miss the beginning, you’ll be disoriented like you walked into a play half-way through.  You’ll wonder who the characters are. Why the narrator is so messed up.  You’ll stomp and swear – “Damn.  Should’ve listened to that Sundance Kid.  Now I’m all lost….”

Don’t let it happen.  Follow.  Get a postcard.  Or give one to your dentist.


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