Punk-Rock-Poor Media Blitz


Read my report

Tonight, I manically flyered Uptown.  Using punk-rock-poor media materials (scissors, paste, and a xerox machine) I made copies of this image.  The headline reads: READ MY PSYCH REPORT and lists this blog address.

Johnny (my partner-in-crime) and I pounded the pavement, dropping off these clumsily made flyers at coffee and clothing shops, second-hand bookstores and even the snazzy, snooty Lagoon movie theater.  He was more persistent then I was.  Wearing purple shoes and a wool trench coat, a silly paisley scarf around his neck, he buried my flyers inside the weekly, free newspaper and glossy free mags

We passed the Uptown Theater – the musty and cool, retro one-room movie house.  I was eager, even certain that my promotional prints belonged there. Except, they didn’t.  A bouncy blonde and a nervous, hipster-haired boy said they didn’t have any place for posters or flyers or business cards with weird names.  I said, “What the hell happened here?” Because they had renovated the crumbling, romantic walls and painted them the color of celery.  There was a sick, neon pink sign and a sterile concession stand. Far different from the Uptown I went to back in 94.

I was 19. Pregnant.  And my best friend got me in for free.  All the art house films and sticky popcorn a tired, knocked-up country girl from Michigan could handle.  I saw my first French film.  A series of weird black-and-white movies with very little words, just serious stares and sighs.  A vintage Woody Allen marathon.  If they hadn’t renovated, I could point you to the very uncomfortable seat I used to frequent in the balcony.  Maybe that’s why my daughter is so damn smart and crafty.  Artistic osmosis.

While there wasn’t a space, the nervous hipster-haired boy took my crappy flyers.  I told him it was for this blog and my memoir, promised him it wouldn’t be a link to a porn site.  My actual words were “Don’t worry.  This won’t direct you to some naked boobs.”  I said this while making a large, breast gesture with my hands. Then, I pointed to my own. I am certain he dumped my propaganda as soon as I walked away.

I’m going to keep up this pace – plastering posters and postcards and flyers all over the damn town til I get more hits, more followers, so I can release my first piece.  If you want to read more, if you want to save some trees, do some environmentally-safe digital sharing or good old fashioned word-of-mouth.  Otherwise, look for my cheap flyers around Minneapolis in the next few days. Pick them up.  Drop them off. Give them to a cop. A waitress. A bus driver.  Your best friend. Worst enemy. Anyone.

Let’s do this!


6 Responses to “Punk-Rock-Poor Media Blitz”

  1. Are any of these blogs on here from your book?

    • No, not from my book. These are all off-the-cuff deals trying to drum up interest and show the process of getting people on here in order to read an excerpt from my book. I’ll be teasing out SMILE this week, so don’t worry. Just posting some notices to get people HERE.

  2. Nice. The naked boobs comment made me smile. I look forward to more.

    • Thanks KJ! There’s plenty more stupid, blurts in the coming days. Can’t seem to keep my mouth shut – or my fingers from typing.

  3. I am so happy you found me, because now I have found you. You have made me miss the Twin Cities. Love your style. Love your boob gesture. I’m a new follower.

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