An Open Letter to Fellow Writers


Dear Fellow Writers,

My prof told me, if it was several years ago, publishers would pick up my work no problem.  The game, however, has changed.  Most writers (talented or otherwise) need a web “platform.” That sounds so unsexy.  Unromantic.  My fantasies of pounding down the publishers door with manuscript in hand (neatly pressed of course) might be a thing of the past.

If it was the 1980’s, I would writer Dear Abby.  I was a young follower of her column.  Half the time I didn’t know why people were so upset about in-laws or manners or depressed about their jobs.  I like the connection, the straightforward way she “talked” directly to her readers through accessible language.

She’s dead now.  I think her daughter has taken over her column.  I confess I don’t read advice columns, except Dan Savage, of course.  Can’t help but read that one.  So I’m on here, creating an advice column of my own, throwing out my question like a worm on a hook to those who know more than I do.

How (besides bugging all my friends to read this blog!) get more people to read my work?  Any suggestions, advice, experiences will be read with hungry, naive eyes and seriously taken in.


Ms. Lennon Sundance


13 Responses to “An Open Letter to Fellow Writers”

  1. 1


    You have taken the most important step toward building a blog, you started. How many writers don’t start a blog, who feel they need one, are more to the many than those who do. So, Congratulations!

    I think Ann and her sister Abby provided a useful service to vast numbers of people, I read her daily, when I read the comics, when I read newspapers, but have not picked up a paper to read it in about two, two and half decades. However, long before that, I totally stopped reading columnists as they are hacks who have to write something , and often useless and self-serving junk. There was one fool, who still writes for a neighborhood paper, whose column I read because it was on Minnehaha Falls, a place I have been going to since before I was born. This moron was proposing that the Park Board build an enclosure over the Falls so that is was nicer to visit in the winter. I have not read him since, and never will.

    Most people don’t know how to write, don’t know how to tell a story, and should never be given a pen or sat before a keyboard, but write they do. If you write well, and I have not read your material, (sorry,) YET! the world will beat a path to your door, in time . The secret is to keep writing, use this blog, and advice once given to me was to find a job where you had to apply your writing skills, and where the public would read your work. I know that local papers encourage contributions, and if you actually read them, you will learn that most of the writers have many, many weaknesses, but there they are, with a by-line or a column every month. Ya gotta suffer to sing the blues.

    Just because someone gets published, does not mean they are a successful writer, nor does it make them “good.”

    I say that you should write what you will, and publish it your self.

    By the way, I tried to enter a COMMENT, but the blog wouldn’t let me, and sent me to this reply method. I hope it works.


  2. Dear Ms. Sundance,

    Keep writing. Post decent content, consistently and frequently (minimum of three times a week, I’d say). The more content you have, the more likely people are to come across your page. You’d be surprised how people find you when you post enough content. Someone found my blog by searching “hibernating bear farts” on Google. I’m not kidding.

    Tag your posts with relevant tags. For example, “memoir” is a tag that would likely work for you. Check the WP Daily Post blog ( and Freshly Pressed pages (!/fresh/) and your WordPress reader for tagging ideas. Other WP users, including myself, will often browse these areas for new content to read.

    Continue to read other blogs and leave meaningful comments, like you did on mine. That’s how I found you.

    If you are on any social networks, be active and genuine, and make sure your blog address is easy to find on those pages. Likewise, post links to your social networks on a “connect” or “contact” page here on your blog so that your readers can follow and stay connected with you.

    Hopefully some of this is helpful and new information to you. I love your style, and absolutely love the background image on your page. Keep at it.


    • Sorry, I just saw that you are already using the memoir tag. My bad.

      • Thanks for the feedback! It’s been pretty cool finding other writers on this site through, specifically, the memoir tag. Using “Crazy” has been interesting, too. I’ll keep checking out sites, but if you (or anyone else) has some suggestions of blogs in the CNF or memoir or mental health arena, let me know. I’d like to partner with as many people as possible.

    • Someone googled “Turtles with glasses” for my blog not as good as bear farts.

  3. Do you have a twitter account? I like to get blog updates from twitter prior to looking on my wordpress feed.

    • Honestly twitter sort of freaks me out. It seems so manic (though I like talking fast in person!) Since I’m pretty green here, could you explain why you like getting updates via twitter more than here?

      • Mostly because I am monitoring blogs and websites that are not on wordpress. I check twitter a few times a day on my phone which is a big benefit. I also have an automatic twitter, tumbler and facebook feed for my blog. That helped jump my view count when I set it up with minimal effort. I sometimes monitor my facebook feed for blogs I like, but it usually takes a blogging history of a few months before I will like something there. I’m not as keen on the e-mail option for blogs, since I don’t like to get bulk messages in my inbox.

        I agree with Andrea, writing thoughtful comments on the blogs of others is the best way to drum up interest. Typically blogs that ask for some level of involvement or input from the reader have the largest audience.

      • I signed up for a twitter account last night (couldn’t sleep.) Thanks for your advice and feedback, Nira. And your art, too. I’m impressed with all the visual art pages I’ve been discovering.

  4. 10 AR

    Hey you’re doing pretty darn well!! I’ve been blogging for a while and you’ve got more followers and comments than I do. I think you’re doing exactly what you should be, along with actually writing interesting content. I’m hooked.

    • Hooked. Another great comment. I like that! Thanks for following and checking my work out. I’ll keep hustling up readers, but I’m sure people are going to get sick of my pandering. But hey, I gotta start somewhere, right? 🙂

  5. Hi, I only meant to glance in for moment after seeing you mentioned on the Great American memoir, I was immediately hooked. You must keep blogging, your stuff is great.

    If people keep comimng back, then you must be doing something good. I’ll be back myself.

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