Runnin’ (Part 3) – We Break, Enter, and Eat


Invasion BeginsPat drags me into the kitchen, through a swinging door that almost smacks me in the face.  The kitchen is silver and steel,a surgical station without instruments or gadgets or quiet nurses in white. My reflection can be seen everywhere – the fridge, the stove, in the bottom of the scrubbed and empty sink; it is distorted and frightening, but me all the same.

“All the macaroni, ramen and Hostess crap in the world!”  He tears into the cupboard, tossing down packages of cakes and cookies.  We rip them open – all greedy fingers and rumbling stomachs.  We shove them in our mouths, the plastic wrapper still half-way on.

We’re sitting cross-legged on the marble floor.  It’s hard and cool against my legs, goosebumps form, little pin pricks that tickle and sting on the back of my thighs.  We are surrounded in plastic, smeared chocolate icing, and sugar crumbs.  My stomach feels like it is about to split, all the fat and sugar rising to the top to my throat but I keep shoveling it in.

“Can’t believe I used to be bulimic,” I say, my mouth full of cake.  “All that wasted food down the toilet.”

“Gross!  Preppy blondes at school used to do that.  Some puking party after lunch.  You could hear them wrenching all the way down the hall.  Urgh. Ugh.  Ack. Hack, hack, hack.  Please don’t tell me you’re like them,” he says.

“No, I was kidding.  I know the type, those bitches,” I say while my face burns with embarrassment. I look away, afraid he’ll see the lie spreading all hot and red across my cheeks and neck.  I turn and face the fridge, my blurry reflection caught in the silver surface. My face is as misshapen as I feel, a body without lines, without form, just a hazy blotch of color staring back at me.


5 Responses to “Runnin’ (Part 3) – We Break, Enter, and Eat”

  1. 1 BehindMyBooks

    Beautiful descriptions. You are a master of adjectives!

  2. Just thought I’d let you know that you’ve been awarded the Very Inspiring Blog Award by me, check it out:

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