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On the corner of University and 4th, Derek hands her a paper cup of coffee. “Happy Birthday…it’s all I could afford,” he says as he kicks a chunk of broken sidewalk. His hands are bloated and shaking more than usual. “But I made you this,” he says as he point to a hunk of cardboard […]

Welcome to What’s Broken! This site is all about my memoir: What’s Broken, What’s Breaking Down.  If you’re new, I’m certain you’ve been led to me by Tof Eklund, a fellow WordPress dynamo and prolific author.  You can check his site out at –  He was oh so kind and generous enough to tag […]

Sometimes, I’m shy.  To those of you who know me in real life, or even the online persona I posture, this may come as a surprise.  I show up in this world as larger-than-life, loud, and brash.  Confidant.  To a fault. When I first started writing, I called my work “fiction.”  Though, the majority of […]

Blog Hop-O-Rama


I’m participating in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop this week. More exciting information to follow on Thursday. But it relates to my memoir, “What’s Broken, What’s Breaking Down.” Since my book begins in the mid-90s, I thought I’d share some vintage author pics. This, my friends, is the young author circa 1998 with her […]

“You’re lucky you left when you did. I never trusted him anyway,” Faith breaks in. Oh, but I did. I begged to feel his hands against me, tried to tease out moments of violence and anger in between laughter and smiles. I was asking for it, to be so out of control that the weight […]

What happens? Does she find out why Brad killed Krista? Is she really on a hit list? Catch up on the first few installments and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion!

“Can you believe you used to be alone with him? I mean, he could have snapped at any moment. It would have been all over for you.” All over, permanent horizons and midnight blacks and blues against my face forever. A soft silence in my head for the first time since words and fierce thoughts […]