Sexy, French, and Free for Followers

Cool French Place

Cool French Place

What’s Broken is not only about my memoir.  It’s all about me: my obsessions and observations and interests.  I’ve been dangling the postcard stockpile for new followers for almost a month now.  I’ve had eleven take me up on the offer. Why, you ask, am I so bent on sending silly postcards via postal carrier to my blog followers?

I was so reluctant to join this online media generation.  I had bad blogging dreams. I struggled with the idea that my words would be read on a screen instead of on paper, clutched in a dear reader’s hands to crumple and scrunch, saturate with coffee spills and fingerprints…. You get the drift.

My postcard proposition has been twofold: to get new readers to follow my work, and to share a piece of my dream with others.  Sounds super sappy, right?  But sitting down, penning a few lines by hand, sticking on the postage stamp and tossing it in the bright, blue mailbox is not only a gimmick: it’s fun. It’s personal.  In conjunction with my blog, it’s a hybrid way of connecting.

This postcard is seriously French.  It’s old (Antique Roadshow could tell you how old) and glossy with cute French words on the back that I can’t read.  Maybe you can.  Maybe you can’t.  But a new follower should have this honey of a postcard.  So sign up! Send me your snail mail address. I promise I won’t stalk you.  While I might be a bit batty, I’m not psycho (ask the other eleven followers who I sent postcards to.  There all FINE).

Follow! Read! Get your French on!

Love, L


6 Responses to “Sexy, French, and Free for Followers”

  1. Tu dois l’envoyer a moi! Comment est-ce qu’on te donne mon addresse?

  2. I will gladly trade postcards with you if you so wish! It’s always something exciting to get real mail!

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