Memoir Madness!!!


I just got my draft back. Needless to say, I have to haul ass in order to get this wrapped up by March 1st for graduation.

I’ll be slowing down on my posts a bit. For some of you, I can hear a sigh of relief. I’ve been told they can’t keep up. For hooking new readers, this is bad news. So spread the word, will ya? I’ve been getting new readers daily, so it’s been a successful venture.

But keep looking for new installments of my recent piece in your emails and readers. “Only Parents, Children, and Dead People” is a piece I cut from my manuscript because the odd, quirky (yet cool) timeline didn’t fit. So, it’s like a teaser of my book! Keep reading, keep spreading the word. Thanks for your support.



6 Responses to “Memoir Madness!!!”

  1. 1 BehindMyBooks

    I’m already mourning the loss of your daily wit, but I’m sure I can persevere! Good luck on your final (or next?) draft, I’m sure that it will be received wonderfully!

    • Final draft for school purposes, but I probably need more work to shop it around.

      I’ll try to keep up as much as possible. It’s been so fun. But, I still have “Only….” to put out, so there’s some work coming everyone’s way.

  2. You’ve earned the support!
    Sorry i can’t comment on “Only Parents, Children, and Dead People” right now, but time is short.
    I shall return, of this you can be certain.

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