Valentine Spoiler Alert!



Dear Readers:

Today seemed like any other in Minnesota – soggy and slushy.  Except the parking lots were full.  Of men.  Men with packages, with flowers and bundles.  And it hit me: Valentine’s Day.

My final installment of “Only Parents, Children, and Dead People” isn’t very, let’s say, festive.  So to those lovers of cupid and arrows and feathery, baby wings – I apologize.  Save your reading for tomorrow (but please, please, read!) I didn’t mean to drag you down on this day of red velvet and lace.

Enjoy this 80’s grade-school V-day card.  Should trigger a few memories for some of you.




3 Responses to “Valentine Spoiler Alert!”

  1. I always wondered what the Coppertone Girl did in the off season — now I know. Hope one of those packages has your name on it. Happy V-Day 🙂

    • No packages. But hey, I got to finally find a use for this old card. Now that’s cool…..

      • Many thanks for sharing it. Nowadays, kids’ cards are all related to some kind of movie promo (haha! almost wrote porno!). Cards like this just don’t exist anymore. Switching gears: Looking forward of the next installment of your series. ‘Till then…

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