NC-17 Prison Pin-up


I got a painting in the mail.  From an upstate Michigan correctional facility.  From a lifer, as they are called.  An intricate, delicate pin-up painted by a guy who sawed someone’s head off in Detroit.  I’m not kidding.  He was avenging his brother’s death.  That’s how you do it, beheading.

The avenger sent me a pin-up. It was of me.

I never met the artist.  But it was a commissioned work by a dear friend of mine.  Another lifer.  But that is another story.

The painting is symbolic, based on my love of crows and smoking and red hair and pin-ups.  The face is a little monstrous, but I’ll forgive the dude.  He’s never met me and had a tiny photograph to work off of. His execution and style are superb, though my boobs aren’t THAT big.  I guess a guy can dream, right?

I was going to post it directly, but had some apprehensions.  Namely, the boobs.  While I’ve been told my blog is more PG-13, I don’t know how comfortable I feel subjecting young teens to an odd, sexy picture of me painted by a murderer I never met.  So, be forewarned, and click if you’re curious.

Note the details: namely, my tattoos.  Yeah, he painted in my tats! I don’t know about you, but it was unnerving to see.  It’s a compliment to have a prisoner commission a pin-up of you, really.  Think about how much each brush stroke cost.  Acrylics can’t be cheap in the big house.

I’m not being flippant or poking fun here.  I’m struggling with conveying, capturing the mood and tone I actually feel.  It’s mixed.  But cool enough for me to post and share with y’all.  Enjoy.


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