Prepping for Prison Stories and Writing Prompts


My next installment is about my Prison Friend.  Not the one who painted the pin-up, mind you, but my junior high boyfriend from Michigan who commissioned the pin-up.

We have a long history and the newest series (coming soon!) begins with the phone call.  You know, the dreaded “Bad News” call.  I’ve had a lot of those in my life – the kind where there’s too many pauses and silences and starts and stops until the news flows out and it’s shocking and startling and impossible to absorb.

I think that’s a writing prompt I should start: There’s bad news.  When you answer the phone, what will it be? Or for the CNF folks, what was it?  Maybe I’ll use that this summer when I teach one of my writing courses.

Until next time…





2 Responses to “Prepping for Prison Stories and Writing Prompts”

  1. I’ve always been able to sense the bad news before I hear it. For some reason this has always made me able to handle it with no feeling what so ever.

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