The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (Part 1)


Welcome to What’s Broken!

This site is all about my memoir: What’s Broken, What’s Breaking Down.  If you’re new, I’m certain you’ve been led to me by Tof Eklund, a fellow WordPress dynamo and prolific author.  You can check his site out at –  He was oh so kind and generous enough to tag me in this wonderful world of blog-hopping.

What’s Broken contains essays and creative works that relate and promote the memoir that I have been diligently working on for the past several years.  It details the ups and downs, triumphs and troubles of living with Bi-polar, addiction, and life in general.  It’s written in a fresh, honest voice that is easy to relate to. I’m not famous.  I’m not rich.  I’m a cool chic with wild-red hair and a bad chain-smoking habit.  A parent.  A writer.

As of a few days ago, the manuscript for What’s Broken, What’s Breaking down is officially complete at 77,038 words and ready to begin the wicked, wild journey of agent and editor solicitation.

Next week, I’ll answer a series of questions about my memoir, my process, and why I feel this story needs, demands to be told. In addition, I’ll continue the hop by linking to more cool writers with powerful stories, books they have written or are currently working on.   If anyone is interested in being part of the hop, let me know.

Happy blog-hopping to all of you!


2 Responses to “The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (Part 1)”

  1. You GO you badass MOFO!!!! It’s a miracle I didn’t spell that out!!!

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