Spider Legs and Glass Shards



On the corner of University and 4th, Derek hands her a paper cup of coffee. “Happy Birthday…it’s all I could afford,” he says as he kicks a chunk of broken sidewalk. His hands are bloated and shaking more than usual.

“But I made you this,” he says as he point to a hunk of cardboard pushed up against the wheel of his bicycle. It’s a rectangle scrap smeared in oil crayons. It looks like a doomsday depiction of the end of the world with swirling fireballs and abstract melted flowers. It reminds her of a picture she saw in the Watchtower that a Witness dropped by the week before. The front of the booklet dripped with smeary, fiery lines of color, thousands of asteroids falling from the sky. People clutched their heads, their cartoon faces contorted from fear. The last page proved the glory of redemption. Blonde girls skipped around in stiff, sky blue dresses and virgin white knee socks. Blissful men and women swam in a sea of chalk white daisies, arms spread upward to the great beyond, their faces contorted with happiness like the psycho-red red painted smiles found on clowns in toy cars and checkered pants. She always thought the end of the world looked more inviting.


3 Responses to “Spider Legs and Glass Shards”

  1. Glory to God in the Highest! 😛

  2. Sound kind of freaky to me.

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