When Smoking was Cool


img002I’ll admit, I tried quitting smoking a few weeks ago.  I know, I know – this grates against my image as a movie-star-mad-chain-smoker.  It lasted six days.  Six days of gum chewing and nail biting and dark depression. Needles to say, I’m back at it and crazy as ever.  Happy Saturday, dear readers.  Happy Saturday.

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7 Responses to “When Smoking was Cool”

  1. I’m trying to quit as well. I have been very successful until I start again 🙂

  2. I haven’t had a cigarette since November 11, 2008 after smoking for almost 20 years. It does get easier, but I admit that not a day has gone by where I haven’t wanted one. I’d tried the patch, gum and walbeutrin. The only thing that worked for me was working at a pulmonary clinic and seeing first hand people with cancer and emphysema.

    • Ouch… Not sure if I’m ready to go there, yet. (Spoken like a true addict, eh?)

      • I didn’t get the job on purpose, a friend got me in when I was let go. It was terrible. Stress will kill you faster though. So enjoy the ciggies and be happy.

  3. When I was 10 or so, my Dad started having me light his cigarettes for him after he lost his lighter. That meant going into the kitchen and puffing them amber off of a gas stove burner. At first, I felt pretty cool. Then I felt nauseous; he was a chain smoker. After a couple of weeks of my turning — and staying — an unhealthy green, he switched from Camels to Winston filtered. He also started lighting his own cigarettes after getting a new lighter. I’ve never known whether it was a brilliant stoke of fatherhood meant to keep me from becoming a smoker, or whether he was too lazy to light his own cigarettes until he got his lighter. Whichever the case, I haven’t “smoked” since I was a kid. Thanks, Dad — I think…

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