El Paso Passing (1) – or How to Hitch at a Truck Stop


I’ll tell him I’ll be good company.  I’ll help him stay awake if he lets me hitch a ride through Texas.  He looks me over with his narrow, black eyes as if I’m a prized horse and shakes his head.

“Nah, I don’t need no company and besides,” he points over to Bryan, “Whose he?”

Bryan is leaning against the cinder block shower building, kicking dirt.  His hands are jammed into his jean pockets like he’s got nothing better to do with his time.  He’s wearing that stupid shell necklace and a Bob Marley tie-dye shirt straight outta some head shop.  I think he must be in one of those teen angst periods grown-ups talk about, all rebellious because his Daddy’s a republican or something.

Mr. Trucker looks over at Bryan and gives me this bored look.  “So, who is he?”

I want to tell him that Bryan is a complete asshole, smug rich kid who wants to slum it for a while.  But I calmly breathe out, “Just a friend.” Which isn’t quite the truth, because Bryan is some guy I met in Boulder when I was panhandling on the mall.  He sauntered up to me wearing his ripped jeans and shiny Doc Martens that must’ve just been pried from the store shelf.


2 Responses to “El Paso Passing (1) – or How to Hitch at a Truck Stop”

  1. I like this scene. Your descriptions are excellent.

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