El Paso Passing (2) – or Don’t Travel with a Loser


Bryan leaned over me all lanky and proud. “I know where you can get some free soup if ya want.  Hungry?”

“Yea, but I’m looking to bolt.”

“Where ya going?” he asked.

“Texas.  Some hippie Rainbow gathering.  I’m gonna hook up with some people there,” I said.

“That’s a lot of road to be hitting alone.  Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Not now,” I pouted.  I had come out to Boulder with Pat to score free drugs and buildings to squat in.  Pat ditched me a few days earlier, though.  Some dread-locked punk girl with punch colored hair had better pills and bigger tits.  He didn’t even say good-bye, just tossed me my pack and walked away.

“I’m looking to split myself.  I’ll do ya a favor and head out with you. I’ll keep you safe,” Bryan said.  Truth was, hitching never felt safe.  Didn’t matter if the bible thumping Jesus freak or a long-hair Led Zeppelin maniac picked you up, it could be dangerous.  If someone tells you about the good faith in others, it’s all bullshit; Everyone has an agenda.  But Bryan was my best bet since Pat flaked out again.

That’s how it all started.  Free canned soup and several hundred miles later, I’m stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a stupid, rich boy who left town to piss off his parents for grounding him for a dime bag they found in his coat.


8 Responses to “El Paso Passing (2) – or Don’t Travel with a Loser”

  1. So..you’ve seen Boulder then eh?

    • Yup. A long, long time ago. I hear the mall has changed some.

      • The mall is always changing . . .

      • I liked it when I was there. Free food. Panhandling galore. Met some cool college students. One tried to throw a knife at my head. Those were the days… sigh…

      • Damn. I haven’t had a knife thrown at my head in YEARS! Those were the DAYS! Nowadays they just throw a little garbage when they like ya. It’s just not the same!

      • Yeah. I hear it isn’t as gritty. I was thinking about coming out there at some point to do some research, but alas, money and all isn’t there. I’ll just have to interview you!

      • Sure! I’ll go take some pics for you if you like! 🙂

      • I’m particularly interested in the public art, if it was there back in 1992. I’ve seen a few pics of the mall, but it isn’t triggering my memory as much as I would like. I remember the street musicians, the store-fronts, kinda like Telegraph in Berkeley. Anything else major stand-out?

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