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My father is fond of saying that there is the business of life and the passion life: not everyone is good at both of them.  Lately, I have been trying to market my memoir.  I’ve been scouring through essays and blogs that offer advice and tips and tricks for interesting agents.  No matter how much […]

Spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota.  I’m honoring the moment with a dance-around-the-maypole / cigarette postcard.  A favorite of mine, really, with all the creepy, cultish movement and hazy, sweet faces full of bliss.  If only one smoke could provide that joy…

Last night, I was a deer in the headlights. I had to give a public, sit-down interview to a visiting writing at my college. At first, I thought it would be simple, penning a few questions that were interesting and having her respond. I didn’t realize it was recorded. Or that I’d have to sit […]

I’m standing on a soapbox because I’m angry. I’ve seen it over and over: a mother trying to get help for her mental health issues while family members punish her like she’s less-than, selfish, or unfit. Instead of working with them, they take away their kids, which only make matters worse. Being fit means getting […]

I’m terrible at anniversaries, birthdays, any and all events that require advanced planning.  I’m like a cartoon husband scrambling last minute to pick up something for the wifey because it’s 5:00 and I forgot.  A few weeks ago, I passed the 100th post milestone.  100 posts in 3 month!  And what’s crazy to me, is […]

The truth is, when I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing.  I was trying to build an online presence, whatever that was.  At first, I trolled other blogs to see what they were doing.  I tried following people to get more followers. But the more people I followed, the less […]

The Crash!


I’ve been blogging less and less, focusing on playing the query game. Researching and reading how to perfect the query letter, how to entice an agent into reading my work. Some of it seems hit and miss, like whether or not anyone is eager to jump on another memoir about crazy, out-of-control-bipolar-drug-addict-mom or not. Everyone […]