El Paso Passing (5) – The Lonely Rest Stop


I try to think of something clever to say.  I’m feeling real nervous, and all I can think to talk about is something stupid like the weather.  So I tell him about some of my hitching stories instead.

“So, there’s this guy that picked us up in Texarkana.  He was a real neat freak. I mean, there were no crumbs anywhere inside that Geo Metro.  Anyway, he bought Bry and me some barbeque chips and freaked out when I got some on the seat.  The he started telling me about being saved and shit.  What a nut!” I say.  I go on to tell him about the teenage jock in the leather sleeved letter coat fixed us some macaroni and ketchup when his mom was at work. He played Super Mario Brothers the whole time with Bryan while I sat on his leather couch feeling stupid.

Mr. Trucker doesn’t seem interested in my stories. He never nods or even grunts for that matter.  Suddenly, I hear this squealing sound like metal being twisted and dust is flying from all directions.  He’s pulling his rig onto an exit for a lonely, dark rest stop.

Was it something I said? My heart is jumping in my chest like little kids on a trampoline.  I feel like I’m in a horror movie.  I look towards the back and Bryan is comatose from some downers he scored last week.  He didn’t even bother to share them with me.  I’m feeling pretty pissed cuz I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with Mr. Trucker.  I hold my breath as he bends over and reaches under his seat.  I had thought of death many times before, even planned it.  Yet, I didn’t want to die like this – not in these ridiculous blue jeans at some crappy mid-Texas rest stop.


7 Responses to “El Paso Passing (5) – The Lonely Rest Stop”

  1. But I don’t want you to die!!!

  2. 3 steve

    So, did you die and get born again?

  3. 5 BehindMyBooks

    Oh No! Cliff hanger’s are impolite!

  4. Couldn’t stop reading!

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