The Crash!


I’ve been blogging less and less, focusing on playing the query game. Researching and reading how to perfect the query letter, how to entice an agent into reading my work. Some of it seems hit and miss, like whether or not anyone is eager to jump on another memoir about crazy, out-of-control-bipolar-drug-addict-mom or not. Everyone I talk to that has been published likens it to plain and simple luck. Right place, right time.

I say writing the book was the fun, easy part comparatively. This “selling” has been emotionally draining and difficult. I’m having a challenging time finding balance and motivation. While writing the book, I was on a whipped-up, wild high. There’s always a crash. It’s just lasted longer than I’d anticipated.


14 Responses to “The Crash!”

  1. This is the part of trying to get published that I am absolutely dreading and it sounds like I should dread it. Good luck on your continuing journey!

  2. 3 Val Mills

    Have you considered self-publishing. My own experience was fantastic. Sure there’s the work of publishing, marketing, etc but I loved it.

    • I’ve thought about it. Could you tell me more about your experience and how you marketed it?

      • 5 Val Mills

        Just off to work – its Monday morning here in New Zealand. Will get back to you 🙂

  3. The selling and marketing parts are a bit soul harvesting aren’t they?

  4. I am with you sister. You are a person of substance. You have a story to tell. It is unique and worthy of being told and I was quite entranced by it. The right person will see this.

  5. I don’t think your crash is all a bipolar thing. Getting someone, anyone to consider your talent (which you DO have) would bring me to tears and staring at the TV for hours, and I’m not bipolar.

    Be persistent though. In fact, be down right stubborn.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I agree. I think it is less of a bipolar thing than a regular crash associated with ending a creative piece and trying to switch gears to the business side. Not fun. But I’m stubborn. Hopefully, that will pull me through.

  6. 11 Candace

    Maybe there’s a reason they say “practice makes perfect”

    • 12 Candace

      besides I’m living vicariously thru this, so even this part is real and good

  7. 13 Candace

    What about putting all the parts of Paseo together and just submitting the old fashioned way to The Sun magazine? They’re great and can stand alone and it would be a great way to get out there. It really feels like a good fit to me,

    • 14 Candace

      Ok yes I’m suffering from oxygen deprivation, El Paso not Paseo. But for the record here’s websters: I like c.

      noun \pə-ˈsā-(ˌ)ō, pä-\

      Definition of PASEO

      1 a: a leisurely usually evening stroll : promenade

      b: a public walk or boulevard

      2: a formal entrance march of bullfighters into an arena

      Origin of PASEO

      Spanish, from pasear to take a stroll, from paso passage, step, from Latin passus
      First Known Use: 1832

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