The Truth is (II) – Insecurity, Inhibition, and Inspiration


InsecureThe truth is, when I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing.  I was trying to build an online presence, whatever that was.  At first, I trolled other blogs to see what they were doing.  I tried following people to get more followers. But the more people I followed, the less time I had to actually read their work, the more guilty I felt.

I still don’t know what I’m doing.  In some ways, I wish I would have made an anonymous blog so I wouldn’t feel so inhibited, so I didn’t feel the need to respect the privacy of those around me. I could switch all the names and faces and tell the truth about the things I keep quiet. There’s a lot of power when you don’t give a shit.  A lot of mistakes, too.

I’ve heard about the honeymoon period with blogs, where at first the ideas come rolling like thunder from heaven above but then the shine starts to wear off a bit.  The words get tighter.  The ideas get smaller.  And slowly you start to disappear.  I’m fighting that.  I’m carving out what I want to write about (besides creative works) and winging it.  But one thing I know for sure: I need to keep plugging away, forming relationships with artists and readers, banging out my work even when it’s hard.


13 Responses to “The Truth is (II) – Insecurity, Inhibition, and Inspiration”

  1. It’s an utter challenge not to get burned out on blogging. I’m finding that it is more and more important to see blogging as something entirely different from offline writing and to not let it take over one’s creative self. Don’t get sold on the online presence nonsense – presence only matters if the writing is solid. Focus on the writing.
    The preceding is the pep talk I have to give myself every other week!

  2. Blogging and coming up with the right balance of material and following/followers can most definitely be a challenge. I thought it may be helpful if I told you the reason why I follow your blog. I like your voice, your honesty and the way you don’t sugarcoat everything like some people do. It wouldn’t matter to me whether you never read my blog or clicked the like button, I enjoy reading your stuff because it is interesting and varied. Best of luck to you with all of the projects you are working on.

  3. I like your writing! I’ve struggled the same ways with my writing, but have figured its not my shame in the story, it’s their’s.

  4. 5 BehindMyBooks

    Keep pushing. Goodness knows I’m having trouble with this right now as well, but I think we can both pull through. Goodluck!

  5. 6 Cathy Brockman

    I agree. I struggle with my blog more than anything. I cant seem to figure out what direction to go with it. I did the follow thing and ended up with over 60 blogs I was following now was was I able to read them all comment and do my own also. Good luck and keep on going, your doing a great job.

    • Thanks Cathy. It all comes down to balance, I guess. Not my strong suit! Glad you keeping coming back. Good luck with your work, too.

  6. Our shoes must be incredible tight because I’m in the same ones you are in. I think I have a good post idea until I write about 1/2 page. Then it all gets murky.

  7. Christopher Logue, a British poet ( said that the first few peoms are given to you for free, then suddenly they stop. Thereafter you must work at making the poems.

    It is probably the same with blogs. But you are dong very well!

    After my free poems ran out, I stopped writing poems.

  8. sorry, typo …doing very well

  9. 13 Candace

    It’s like anything else in life where you’re standing at your locker in highschool in your pajamas. If you want or need to write about real people change the names or combine some traits, or just ask them if you can. It’s work, solitary work without any guarantees and if you have a penchant for second guessing yourself, well, writing is perfect for that. What’s the adage, “if your walking thru hell, keep walking” Take a breath and trust your gift, just keep typing, it’s yours it won’t abandon you.

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