Ah, You Shouldn’t Have…


img003I’m terrible at anniversaries, birthdays, any and all events that require advanced planning.  I’m like a cartoon husband scrambling last minute to pick up something for the wifey because it’s 5:00 and I forgot.  A few weeks ago, I passed the 100th post milestone.  100 posts in 3 month!  And what’s crazy to me, is that people are continuing to read, to spread the word about my blog.  So, dear readers, a belated thanks and a cheesy 70’s card.


9 Responses to “Ah, You Shouldn’t Have…”

  1. And, I am so glad you are and have. Happy 100th! xoxox

  2. That card is disturbing. Is it a dog who needs a fire hydrant? Congrats on your 100+ posts!

  3. Love the card lol.

  4. 6 Candace

    That’s a cute bitch on the card. I love posting links to the blog on FB. After all sharing is fun, especially when I don’t have to raise my voice.

  5. Congrats on the centurian mark, at least as far as posts go. I know I’m a relative newcomer, but I have to say everything you’ve written has been terrific. Cheers!

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