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After dinner, Roan goes to the library.  I watch her fingers slip up and down the metal pay phone cord.  She whispers when she talks, but when she laughs it echoes against the dusty, stained glass windows.  It stings my ears, her happiness from the man on the other line.  I want her to get […]

Shawna with the long braids and rainbow beads stares at me.  She chews with her mouth open, bits of soggy bread and turkey rolling between her teeth.  “So, get lost?” Her eyes narrow, sharp slits of brown locked on my face. I stab at my turkey, slip powdered mash potatoes around in a circle.  I […]

Dinner is Stove Top stuffing and Swanson’s turkey and gravy from a tinfoil container.  Frozen food at its best.  There are eight paper plates with plastic silverware and mismatched napkins.  Eight paper cups of grape Kool-aid.  With each sip, the girls’ upper lips begin to darken, the infamous grape mustache staining their skin. Roan and […]

“What’s your crime?” Roan asks.  She’s my new roommate at Hannah’s place and she’s all nosy. She shoves a skinny finger into her mouth, her tiny teeth gripping the tops of her crimson painted fingernails. She violently tears the paper thin nail, spitting a red and ragged half-moon on the floor.  “Being born,” I say […]

Ever wonder what it’s like at a Chicago group home for wayward girls?  My newest series “Hannah’s Place” will leave you feeling glad you’re not a twisted teen any longer.  Coming soon!

I haven’t been posting as frequently, but I still pop on to check out any comments, browse the reader, peek at dwindling stats.  I am humored by the daily broken-English Spam comments advertising green tea extract or selling some bigger, badder blog engine. I am always amazed by the Google searches that bring people to […]