Boy Tied in Basement


I haven’t been posting as frequently, but I still pop on to check out any comments, browse the reader, peek at dwindling stats.  I am humored by the daily broken-English Spam comments advertising green tea extract or selling some bigger, badder blog engine.

I am always amazed by the Google searches that bring people to my blog.  For example: “Broken Inhibitions” or “Vintage ECT Machine” or “Mad at Kids.” I get a lot of searches for crazy people and psych wards, rightfully so. I’m happy to see my SMILE series still getting hits here and there.

Though, yesterday, one freaked me out.  It was a search for “Boy Tied in Basement” and somehow it gave them a link to my blog! I don’t know how these search engines work, but I’m certain that I’ve never written about a basement or a boy tied in one.  Maybe someone can shed some light on this subject.


3 Responses to “Boy Tied in Basement”

  1. I completely agree with you. I had someone find me by using the search term “Mustard seed for erectile dysfunction.” What have I been posting in the middle of the night? Sheesh!

  2. Could it be the boy broke something and being tied up in the basement was his punishment? There are some parents out there who should be strung up themselves for the way they treat their kids.

    Other than that thought, I don’t have a clue as to what the search engines are doing anymore.

  3. 3 pinklightsabre

    Freaky! Not good-freaky!

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