Message in a Bottle


A storm swept through my city and pulled down power lines, ripped towering trees from the ground, snapped thick branches.  I’ve been without power for four days, stealing electricity from the local coffee shop when I can.  Flashlight and candle living has grown old as the temps have soared, the apartment dark and humid with heavy, stagnant air.

While stressful, I am surprised at how fragile I feel, like my sanity is somehow tied to bright bulbs and whirring fans.  I sort of wander around, waiting for the power to return, confused and lost.

Many people have commented on that we are too tied and reliant upon the modern, electronic world, though I see most of them pressing their fingers wildly on their smart phone as they say this or looking up the weather report to see if more storms are blowing this way.

Some folks have offered to fix me a meal or sit in front of their air conditioner, but it feels weird to be suffering and stressed in a strange place, always wondering when the lights will be back on at home.  It’s my new obsession, a very fruitless and unproductive one.

So this blog post is the modern equivalent of my message in a bottle, written from a coffee shop while soaking up their power, waiting to be rescued.






8 Responses to “Message in a Bottle”

  1. Love it! Original much? You are amazing.

  2. 4 fojap

    Hang in there. Make sure you get fresh water and keep cool. We had a freak storm here in Baltimore two years ago in the middle of the summer. I was without power for about a week. After a couple of days, I got out of town, which turned out to be a good idea. (Owed my mother a visit anyway.) It took them much longer to get the power back than they expected.

    It turns out, if they expect a storm, they get equipment in place and everyone’s ready to work overtime. When the storm is unexpected, they’re hustling just to find workers.

  3. Had that pleasure for two weeks during Hurricane Sandy. My children went feral, we ate meat from a cooler and almost burned down our house keeping warm by stovetop. …Don’t miss those days… I don’t know anyone where you are or I’d send them in for a rescue! Stay cool. (Funny cuz everyone told us to stay warm.) Better yet, stay well!

    • Two whole weeks! God, I’d chew my fingers and toes off…. Glad to say all is restored and quickly life popped back into place again with the usual stresses and strains of the summer. Thanks for commenting!

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