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  The day after I may or may not have broken up with boyfriend, my old professor emailed me.  She asked if I’d be interested in a job teaching a lit course to nurses and social workers. It would be at 8am in the middle of winter, where ice is slick and thick, where darkness […]



An old junkie friend of mine called the other day.  I haven’t heard from her since I left that world.  Some would call it a “lifestyle” – though there wasn’t much “living” going on at that time.  Even calling her a friend is a stretch.  Maybe she was a partner in crime.  A war buddy.  […]

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Anniversaries are like bookends on your life, ways to measure the passing of time, the progress or failure.  Last year at this time, my best friend/ fake mom died from cancer.  I was feverishly writing my memoir, suffering from moments of brilliance and valleys of self-doubt. My boyfriend was boozing it up behind my back.  […]



I’m driving my son to fencing class when I get the call.  Before cell phones, calls like this came in the middle of the night. A woman I know, not close enough to call “friend” but  more than a casual acquaintance has died.  She was in her early forties, had a talented son who played […]

I’m standing on a soapbox because I’m angry. I’ve seen it over and over: a mother trying to get help for her mental health issues while family members punish her like she’s less-than, selfish, or unfit. Instead of working with them, they take away their kids, which only make matters worse. Being fit means getting […]

Mr. Trucker pulls out a tray and grunts, “You want some coke? It keeps me alert when I pull an all-nighter.  I want you to be alert, too, like you promised.” He winks at me and dumps out a heap of white powder.  He quickly slides it into lines with a razor and rolls up […]

Bryan leaned over me all lanky and proud. “I know where you can get some free soup if ya want.  Hungry?” “Yea, but I’m looking to bolt.” “Where ya going?” he asked. “Texas.  Some hippie Rainbow gathering.  I’m gonna hook up with some people there,” I said. “That’s a lot of road to be hitting […]