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Mr. Trucker stares at Bryan and shakes his head “no” again.  I keep smiling till my cheeks hurt.  I don’t know what changes his mind, but he says, “Only to El Paso.” First thing Bryan does is hop into the back of the rig.  He flops down on a cushioned lump behind a curtain.  It […]

I’m listening to Pet Sounds again.  Last summer, that signaled I was in a madly, creative, manic phase. I’d put it on repeat, listen to it until three in the morning.  My neighbors, at first, called it charming.  By early fall, they called it annoying. I’m listening to the Beach Boys again, trying to recreate […]

I don’t attempt to hide my past.  In much of my writing, bad habits and attitudes seep in.  If I chose to not reveal an aspect of my story, it is largely due to the structure, the topic, the fact that it doesn’t “fit” without going into too much detail or backstory.  Or that I’m […]

She tells him about the garden. “Only one poppy made it, but the George Vancouver rose is doing well. I moved the burgundy clematis by the gate where it gets more sun.” She tells him this softly, sliding each syllable, trying to make each word extend forever. She feels like she’s having phone sex as […]

Blog Hop-O-Rama


I’m participating in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop this week. More exciting information to follow on Thursday. But it relates to my memoir, “What’s Broken, What’s Breaking Down.” Since my book begins in the mid-90s, I thought I’d share some vintage author pics. This, my friends, is the young author circa 1998 with her […]

My next installment is about my Prison Friend.  Not the one who painted the pin-up, mind you, but my junior high boyfriend from Michigan who commissioned the pin-up. We have a long history and the newest series (coming soon!) begins with the phone call.  You know, the dreaded “Bad News” call.  I’ve had a lot […]

Dear readers, I’ve been having a nervous breakdown.  Not a small one where you gently question your reality and purpose, but the big time flipping kind where tantrums are about to be thrown (or maybe they were, I’ll never tell). I got my memoir back and had issues with a few chapters.  Structural changes that […]