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I love a smoke after a leisurely, Sunday bike ride with a new suitor. Advertisements

“Can you believe you used to be alone with him? I mean, he could have snapped at any moment. It would have been all over for you.” All over, permanent horizons and midnight blacks and blues against my face forever. A soft silence in my head for the first time since words and fierce thoughts […]

Dear Readers, I don’t mean to be so jaded about Valentine’s Day.  When my best friend Sheila Wiley was alive, she cut out paper hearts and smothered them with glitter and stenciled birds, bits of lace and velvet.  Even when she was dying from cancer, she made the hospital staff special Valentines. Yesterday, I felt […]

Unnamed Tattoo – 32 Years Old Only tattoo the names of parents, children, or dead people.  Things that are permanent.  Things that are forever.  I don’t remember exactly what Derek’s tattoos look like.  I wish I had a picture of them. The autopsy report doesn’t do them justice, just states that he has two tattoos, […]

ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) –  My roommate Miranda has an annoying habit of sitting far too close when she talks, bits of spit flying. “Shit, you know what happened in that room? This guy named Danny was holed up there for months.  Going to get electrified down in the basement by Dr. Frankenstein.  I am fucking […]

Friends –  Murray’s big and bald and has been here a dozen times.  He walks around the place like he owns it, a swagger and brave face, even though he’s depressed, on suicide watch. He calls me kiddo, and tries to throw a spoonful of peas at me during dinner. He’s had Thorazine and Lithium […]

Tell Me about the Voices “Tell me about the voices,” Robert says.  He looks like Elvis, during the fat stage, with slicked back hair all greasy and black. He’s my new counselor since I told everyone how much Lori sucks.  That she doesn’t take me seriously, chastises me like a mother. “Are they internal voices, […]