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“You’re lucky you left when you did. I never trusted him anyway,” Faith breaks in. Oh, but I did. I begged to feel his hands against me, tried to tease out moments of violence and anger in between laughter and smiles. I was asking for it, to be so out of control that the weight […]

What happens? Does she find out why Brad killed Krista? Is she really on a hit list? Catch up on the first few installments and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion!

“Can you believe you used to be alone with him? I mean, he could have snapped at any moment. It would have been all over for you.” All over, permanent horizons and midnight blacks and blues against my face forever. A soft silence in my head for the first time since words and fierce thoughts […]

“Did you know they had a list? It had all of these girls’ names on it.” Faith’s voice floats like bright balloons. In my mind, I see Brad against the backdrop of her words. I see his shy smiles, downward glances, shaggy hair. That was back when crushes made my eyes too wide and my […]

I hadn’t spoken to Brad in over six months. Not since the last phone call that ended in another phone hitting the wall. That time, it broke. That time, I broke. I only remember cracked voices and silence, pauses that hung heavy in the air like the humid Michigan summers that made my stomach sick. […]

On Thursday night, I find out Brad killed Krista. The boy with the long eyelashes killed the girl with the frosty pink lips and powder blue eye shadow. She was blonde and thin and dizzy, the kind of girl who was fun to do shots with on Saturday night, but ignore in the halls on […]