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You only need two things: sexy shoes and a carton of smokes. Advertisements

I love a smoke after a leisurely, Sunday bike ride with a new suitor.

Yea, because I always hang out and smoke with fuzzy, woodland animals.  Always.

I’ll admit, I tried quitting smoking a few weeks ago.  I know, I know – this grates against my image as a movie-star-mad-chain-smoker.  It lasted six days.  Six days of gum chewing and nail biting and dark depression. Needles to say, I’m back at it and crazy as ever.  Happy Saturday, dear readers.  Happy Saturday. […]

What’s Broken is not only about my memoir.  It’s all about me: my obsessions and observations and interests.  I’ve been dangling the postcard stockpile for new followers for almost a month now.  I’ve had eleven take me up on the offer. Why, you ask, am I so bent on sending silly postcards via postal carrier […]