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I look at Mr. Trucker and smile really big and beg in my sweetest, most desperate voice. “Please…we need the ride.” We had been sitting at that damn truck stop drinking the same oily cup of coffee for hours.  The cranky waitress smelled of Aqua Net and cigarettes and was suspicious of us from the […]

Bryan leaned over me all lanky and proud. “I know where you can get some free soup if ya want.  Hungry?” “Yea, but I’m looking to bolt.” “Where ya going?” he asked. “Texas.  Some hippie Rainbow gathering.  I’m gonna hook up with some people there,” I said. “That’s a lot of road to be hitting […]

I’ll tell him I’ll be good company.  I’ll help him stay awake if he lets me hitch a ride through Texas.  He looks me over with his narrow, black eyes as if I’m a prized horse and shakes his head. “Nah, I don’t need no company and besides,” he points over to Bryan, “Whose he?” […]

The lady was standing in front of me, waiting with a chocolate bar and a sickly, green smoothie at the counter.  She was nervous and clumsy, bumping into the check-out, laughing oddly to herself.  She was chatty, but plain: a tall, thin middle-age woman in a tight ski jacket and khaki pants.  Her hair was […]

I love a smoke after a leisurely, Sunday bike ride with a new suitor.



I got my first personal rejection letter from an agent the other day.  It said, “You write well” but she didn’t connect with my work as she had “hoped.” I’ve read it about fifty times, trying to analyze and pick apart the words, the tone.  Does she mean I write WELL? What did she hope? […]

I’m supposed to audition today, to stand and grind on a stage that makes me think of baked goods and pot roast. I am supposed to knowingly, seductively slip my body around a metal support beam as thick as a tree trunk. I’ve always been afraid to look at myself naked, hiding underneath sheets and […]