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Well, I was planning on staying.  It’s my “SMILE” piece that’s sticking around this blurry, blog space for a bit longer.  Since our red-hot debate about how fashionable mental illness is, I’m still getting comments and emails, as well as views on the “SMILE” series.  If you haven’t finished reading it, do it!  Love it, […]

I’m speaking with a man I don’t know well, though I’ve seen him around for a few years.  We are leaving a high school pops concert.  My daughter just finished a complicated, half-hour chamber orchestra performance.  They played McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.” His daughter had four solos in the Varsity choir.  Our girls are […]

I got my first response I wanted to delete.  Given the almighty-power bestowed upon me as Blog Master, I was offended by a dissenting view of mental illness and my story.  It was a long, wordy comment under SMILE (Part 1) In order to (hopefully) ignite the flames of a fiery debate, I want […]

  Here’s the deal: SMILE (like an infomercial) is only available for a limited time. Get your crazy on, while you can.  Feel what it’s like to be locked-up.  Make some nutty friends.  Get in the head of a manic-depressive through all her ups, downs, and delusions.  Fall in love with a sexy doctor, a […]

Trick or Treatment “Seems like the new meds are working better,” Dr. Lopez says. He sitting at the foot of my hospital bed, his long hair pulled back into a pony tail. He’s got my chart snug against a clipboard and flips through the last few days group and psych tech notes. “I think so. […]

Cover Girl –  Miranda wakes me up crying. “I’m sorry, so sorry.” It’s two in the morning, a sick yellowish light glowing overhead.  She’s in her bed, the white cotton blanket lumped in her lap.  I see her shadowy hands, quivering and moving slowly, methodically over and over. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.” “What […]

Klonopin –  It’s like they want me to be sad.  Slow and sad. And crying. I cry and cry in the day-room. Dr. Lopez with his long, pretty hair is so nice and when he smiles I think he knows just what to do.  So I said I’d take the stupid pills.  But now, they […]