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You only need two things: sexy shoes and a carton of smokes. Advertisements

I love a smoke after a leisurely, Sunday bike ride with a new suitor.

Yea, because I always hang out and smoke with fuzzy, woodland animals.  Always.

I’ll admit, I tried quitting smoking a few weeks ago.  I know, I know – this grates against my image as a movie-star-mad-chain-smoker.  It lasted six days.  Six days of gum chewing and nail biting and dark depression. Needles to say, I’m back at it and crazy as ever.  Happy Saturday, dear readers.  Happy Saturday. […]

  Here’s the deal: SMILE (like an infomercial) is only available for a limited time. Get your crazy on, while you can.  Feel what it’s like to be locked-up.  Make some nutty friends.  Get in the head of a manic-depressive through all her ups, downs, and delusions.  Fall in love with a sexy doctor, a […]

    Belle of the Bin – The paperwork to move over to Lodging Plus is slow and confusing. I sign and date sheets and forms with long lists of psycho-babble and insurance lingo that make no sense. Murray and Jennifer look sad in the rec room, hand me a piece of paper. “It has […]

Trick or Treatment “Seems like the new meds are working better,” Dr. Lopez says. He sitting at the foot of my hospital bed, his long hair pulled back into a pony tail. He’s got my chart snug against a clipboard and flips through the last few days group and psych tech notes. “I think so. […]