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I met my students today at Baker’s Square. They ate burgers and wide slices of sticky pie, skinny fries that were salty and crisp. I drank too much crap coffee – thick and burnt like the kind severed at a midnight truck stop. The waiter had a flair for charming late-teen girls and this middle-aged […]



1. My new shrink is nervous.  He’s young and shy, with a weird last name.  I’m not sure if I trust him.  He looks like he just got out of medical school.  He looks young enough that I could have babysat him when I was in Junior High, back when I had frizzy, permed hair […]

Paper Dolls


It’s 8 in the morning, and I’m listening to a favorite break-up album.  I drank too much wine last night, painted my toenails cherry red, decided to have a fling. Yesterday, I went one of those Asian nail places with the comfy chairs and stacks of magazines.  There was some sad Lifetime movie on about […]



I’m driving my son to fencing class when I get the call.  Before cell phones, calls like this came in the middle of the night. A woman I know, not close enough to call “friend” but  more than a casual acquaintance has died.  She was in her early forties, had a talented son who played […]

I know it’s time to write when I hear the narration in my head.  You know, the one that never stops, a steady stream of words and ideas like you are in a black-and-white movie and there’s a smoky, dreamy voice-over that tells the viewer all your innermost thoughts? The ones you usually file away […]

A storm swept through my city and pulled down power lines, ripped towering trees from the ground, snapped thick branches.  I’ve been without power for four days, stealing electricity from the local coffee shop when I can.  Flashlight and candle living has grown old as the temps have soared, the apartment dark and humid with […]

I’ll admit it… I’ve been phobic about coming online.  I’ve been stuck feeling somewhere between wordless and worried, distracted by graduation parties with meat trays and cubed cheesed stabbed with toothpicks.  The transition into summer hasn’t been smooth, and my vow to keep up on this blog weekly has fallen apart like a New Year’s […]