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An old junkie friend of mine called the other day.  I haven’t heard from her since I left that world.  Some would call it a “lifestyle” – though there wasn’t much “living” going on at that time.  Even calling her a friend is a stretch.  Maybe she was a partner in crime.  A war buddy.  […]

There’s a hornet’s nest outside my window.  The landlord refuses to take care of it.   They are busy fuckers, zipping in and out of a hole in the stucco, dive-bombing anything that comes too close.  For the past few weeks, I’ve had to keep my window closed.  There’s a tiny gap in the screen, a […]



  Last week, I quietly turned 38. I ate steak directly off the grill and drank cheap white wine with x-husband #1, my current beau, and my best friend.  The kids were there, too, though they are far from kids now.  My daughter is 18 and packing for college, our conversations filled with class schedules […]