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I’m feeling sick, listening to Mandy jabber away about the club like it’s a daytime soap opera.  “Shit, Dean is real grabby and tips like crap.  But watch out for those hunters!  They’re always looking for a good time and have plenty of singles. They’re the real meal ticket.” She winks at me like some […]

“Writers are always selling somebody out.“ Joan Didion Yesterday, a talented writer took her blog down.  Her writing was fearless and raw, mixed-up and confused.  She wrote about living with mental illness in an unflinching way.  Sometimes, it was so real, hit so many nerves I wanted to look away.  That’s how good it was. […]

Why Runaway?


I ran away from Michigan in 1992.  I was barely 17.  I took up with a rag-tag team of misfits and headed out across the countryside with a pack of smokes, a student ID, and a small pack of clothes. We stuck out our thumbs and hoped for the best.  What  I discovered, uncovered, and […]

I’m speaking with a man I don’t know well, though I’ve seen him around for a few years.  We are leaving a high school pops concert.  My daughter just finished a complicated, half-hour chamber orchestra performance.  They played McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.” His daughter had four solos in the Varsity choir.  Our girls are […]

I read that book when I was ten.  Back then, I loved reading – anything to escape my lackluster (at best) and chronically chaotic (at worst) childhood.  My mother was / is mentally ill.  Addiction is my family’s middle name. Needless to say, CONFUSED should have been my first. (Side note: due to yesterday’s discussion, […]

I got my first response I wanted to delete.  Given the almighty-power bestowed upon me as Blog Master, I was offended by a dissenting view of mental illness and my story.  It was a long, wordy comment under SMILE (Part 1) In order to (hopefully) ignite the flames of a fiery debate, I want […]

  Here’s the deal: SMILE (like an infomercial) is only available for a limited time. Get your crazy on, while you can.  Feel what it’s like to be locked-up.  Make some nutty friends.  Get in the head of a manic-depressive through all her ups, downs, and delusions.  Fall in love with a sexy doctor, a […]