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Mandy runs back, sweat dripping in rivers of gray from her freshly dyed hair.  She grabs a paper towel and shoves it in her armpits.  “Your turn! Just get out there. He won’t let you dance tonight if he can’t get a good look at you first,” she says and does the same, stupid wink.  […]

I’m supposed to audition today, to stand and grind on a stage that makes me think of baked goods and pot roast. I am supposed to knowingly, seductively slip my body around a metal support beam as thick as a tree trunk. I’ve always been afraid to look at myself naked, hiding underneath sheets and […]

An electric blue thong is wadded up near the sink, near the powdery eye shadows and tubes of lipstick.  A cigarette burns in a tin tray, but no one is here to claim it.  The ash grows long and slender, the paper near the filter browning and fading.  Mandy smashes it out. “God damn it, […]

I’m feeling sick, listening to Mandy jabber away about the club like it’s a daytime soap opera.  “Shit, Dean is real grabby and tips like crap.  But watch out for those hunters!  They’re always looking for a good time and have plenty of singles. They’re the real meal ticket.” She winks at me like some […]

“You’re lucky you left when you did. I never trusted him anyway,” Faith breaks in. Oh, but I did. I begged to feel his hands against me, tried to tease out moments of violence and anger in between laughter and smiles. I was asking for it, to be so out of control that the weight […]

What happens? Does she find out why Brad killed Krista? Is she really on a hit list? Catch up on the first few installments and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion!

“Can you believe you used to be alone with him? I mean, he could have snapped at any moment. It would have been all over for you.” All over, permanent horizons and midnight blacks and blues against my face forever. A soft silence in my head for the first time since words and fierce thoughts […]