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The screaming jolts Bryan out of his coma.  “What the fuck is going on?” He screams. “Please. Please. Let me out,” I beg, but Mr. Trucker rolls his eyes. I hear the twisted metal sound again and the sharp squeal of brakes trying to stop tons of steel.  I fly forward in the seat and […]

He turns his head to give me a toothless grin and nods. “Yeah,” he says, “just like that.” I don’t like the way he’s eyeing me up and down.  I nervously ask, “What’s it like to be on the road so much? I mean, it might get kinda lonesome.” “Yup, that’s why I let pretty […]

Mr. Trucker pulls out a tray and grunts, “You want some coke? It keeps me alert when I pull an all-nighter.  I want you to be alert, too, like you promised.” He winks at me and dumps out a heap of white powder.  He quickly slides it into lines with a razor and rolls up […]

I try to think of something clever to say.  I’m feeling real nervous, and all I can think to talk about is something stupid like the weather.  So I tell him about some of my hitching stories instead. “So, there’s this guy that picked us up in Texarkana.  He was a real neat freak. I […]

Mr. Trucker stares at Bryan and shakes his head “no” again.  I keep smiling till my cheeks hurt.  I don’t know what changes his mind, but he says, “Only to El Paso.” First thing Bryan does is hop into the back of the rig.  He flops down on a cushioned lump behind a curtain.  It […]

Bryan leaned over me all lanky and proud. “I know where you can get some free soup if ya want.  Hungry?” “Yea, but I’m looking to bolt.” “Where ya going?” he asked. “Texas.  Some hippie Rainbow gathering.  I’m gonna hook up with some people there,” I said. “That’s a lot of road to be hitting […]