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There’s a hornet’s nest outside my window.  The landlord refuses to take care of it.   They are busy fuckers, zipping in and out of a hole in the stucco, dive-bombing anything that comes too close.  For the past few weeks, I’ve had to keep my window closed.  There’s a tiny gap in the screen, a […]

After dinner, Roan goes to the library.  I watch her fingers slip up and down the metal pay phone cord.  She whispers when she talks, but when she laughs it echoes against the dusty, stained glass windows.  It stings my ears, her happiness from the man on the other line.  I want her to get […]

I haven’t been posting as frequently, but I still pop on to check out any comments, browse the reader, peek at dwindling stats.  I am humored by the daily broken-English Spam comments advertising green tea extract or selling some bigger, badder blog engine. I am always amazed by the Google searches that bring people to […]

My father is fond of saying that there is the business of life and the passion life: not everyone is good at both of them.  Lately, I have been trying to market my memoir.  I’ve been scouring through essays and blogs that offer advice and tips and tricks for interesting agents.  No matter how much […]

Last night, I was a deer in the headlights. I had to give a public, sit-down interview to a visiting writing at my college. At first, I thought it would be simple, penning a few questions that were interesting and having her respond. I didn’t realize it was recorded. Or that I’d have to sit […]

I’m sitting under a painting of a naked lady.  Once a week, I sit in the corner of the café with my writer friend Diane.  She’s fond of saying, “I tell people I spent my morning under a naked lady.” And it’s true. The painting is huge: spans a quarter of the wall of the […]

Someone has found me inspiring.  I’ve only been  here a month, and instead of shooing me away with mean words, I’ve been accepted, nominated, and bestowed.  Wow. It’s like being picked first for the team (not that has EVER happened) or someone saving you a seat in a crowded lunchroom! Thanks goes to my nominator: […]